“Site in a Box provided a great framework for launching our research project’s web site. UITS took much of the guesswork out of the site construction and provided quick tech support as we worked through the process. They were able to help us personalize our site, and they continue to be available for questions and guidance.”

Pamela de Steiguer, Animal Watch Vi Suite Project Coordinator
L. Penny Rosenblum, AnimalWatch Vi Suite Project Director

Mount Graham International Observatory


“The difference (...from old site) is quite dramatic. Each contains virtually the exact same information, but the look is entirely different. Stakeholders have commented to me about the new site using words such as “clean”, “crisp”, “professional”, “tight”…and “wow, looks like a University website”. One thing I did not expect was how easy it is to manage the new site with SIAB. The old site was fraught with pitfalls in doing even the simplest of updates. So, I had been warned not to touch the old site unless it was absolutely required. With SIAB, just go into editing mode, make the changes, save…done!”

Craig Nance, Assistant Director, Mount Graham International Observatory

Spring Fling (Advanced site)


“Site in a Box has definitely helped my organization, Spring Fling, further develop its professional online image. The site is very clean and aligned with the University of Arizona brand. It looks similar to other UA websites but with its own unique twist.  I would recommend Site in a Box to others.”

Jared Young, Executive Director, UA Spring Fling

UA Retirees Association


The Site in a Box service from UITS Web Services is just what we needed. It retains much of the power of a modern content management program but makes it far easier to maintain a website. It is now fast and simple to edit minor changes, create new pages, upload files, and do a range of other site modifications. And, importantly, all the background tasks such as security and maintenance are provided.

Roger Caldwell, webmaster, UA Retirees Association