Site Features

Your Site-in-a-Box web site is configured with a number of standard features.  You choose which work for you and you can unpublish anything you don't need and always be able to use the feature in the future.  Key features include:

  • Easy content management with Drupal’s WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) content editor
  • Customizable home page slideshow and blocks
  • Mobile Responsive - site will resize automatically to fit tablets, phones, etc.
  • A calendar of events
  • A directory of people
  • A UANews feed
  • A blog
  • FAQs
  • A site search, optimizable with content tagging
  • Integrated social media links
  • Integrated Google analytics
  • Fully customizable web forms for data collection
  • And more!

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