Rules of the Box

Site in a box is designed to be easy to launch and easy to support.

  • Level of Access: Content Administrator - Add pages, news items, events, edit menus, add blocks, webforms and much more! (Note: No Site Administrator Privileges - Any changes to Appearance, Modules and Configuration can be made by request only and may incur additional charges.)
  • Types of Information: Public and can restrict pages to specific, authenticated users.  (Note: No personal identifying information to be stored on site, per ISO definition)
  • Training: Site in the Box subscribers have access to a training site created and maintained by the UITS Web Team.  They will also be invited to regular SIAB meetings where different topics will be presented.  Check the calendar for next session.  Training is self-service, and we hope to build a community of subscribers.  Personalized, individual training is available - see the packages offered.
  • Support:  UITS Web Team will scan, patch and maintain your site.  Subscribers will have access to a Support Form.  Questions will be answered in 5 - 7 days.  UITS Web Team will use these questions to enhance the self-service training site.  Subscribers can also sign up for notifications of new training information as it is posted.