New Site-in-a-Box websites are no longer available. They have been replaced by UA Sites as a more modern and flexible option. To find out more, visit

You need a website. You need it now. And you don’t have the funding or the time to hire a web developer and manage the job. Site-in-a-Box, a collaboration between UA Marketing and UITS, gives you a professionally designed, customizable, feature-rich University of Arizona website, all in just a matter of days – not the weeks or months you’d expect.

Every Site-in-a-Box web site is:

  • Easy-to-maintain with simple content management.
  • Quick-to-launch; your website will be live and ready for you to start adding content within just a few days (if not sooner).
  • Professionally designed with customizable University of Arizona web branding.
  • Mobile-responsive, designed from the ground up to display perfectly on any device, from desktops to tablets to smartphones (and everything in between).
  • Secure, hosted in the newest cloud servers through the University of Arizona’s UITS computing center where it is updated, patched, scanned and backed up to adhere to Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) quality standards.


  • November 3rd, 2015


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  • October 31st, 2015